The ILN network harmonizes economic and ecological processes. Your groupage going short ways due to our direct TSP connections, combined with an optimal use of our line haul capacity. This offers you and your customers low production costs and less environmental impact.

ILN – Groupage without detours

The use of a modern fleet, short connections to the TSP as well as efficient and direct TSP networking lead to an exemplary carbon footprint of all shipments within the ILN system. Compared to a hub and spoke structure, the decentral ILN network offers huge savings of driven distances. With an average distance of 55 kilometers from a depot to the next TSP, there is no point in going to a central Hub. All 24 TSP are linked to each other via direct shuttles on a daily basis, so there are no detours for your shipments.

ILN Green Logistics Index as a competitive advantage

Ecological aspects became an important selling point for transport services. In 2012 ILN introduced a network-wide, shipment-based Product Carbon Footprint, being a trendsetter for green logistics. The network software enables every partner to check the emissions levels of each shipment. This can be used to provide customers with transparent information about the ecological aspects of their transports. Constant process analysis and improvements reach out for an even better ecological sustainability within the ILN network.