Groupage without detours: With the groupage network ILN, you decide for the direct way of production without risking empty runs. The unique TSP-model connects all major economic regions with each other. Not only ideal lead times, but also excellent cost-benefits are achieved for your groupage business.


TSP – regional consolidation point and gateway in personal union

Transshipment-Points (in short: TSP) are the centerpiece of our groupage network.

On the one hand, a TSP is a regional handling point, which consolidates outbound cargo and procurement shipments of our partners: Regional freight remains regional, supra-regional are forwarded via direct TSP-shuttles to the place of destination. A daily interlinking of all 24 TSP locations provides ideal lead times at low costs. From each sending-TSP, every other TSP is reached on a daily line haul.

On the other hand, our TSP function as gateways for our international network partners. A total number of 37 European countries are covered in our groupage network. Direct, mostly daily, connections between our international partners and the gateway-TSP provide an excellent level of efficiency.


De-centrality as an ecological and economical advantage

The efficient selection of locations for our TSP is offering our partners many benefits at once:

Feeding-in own outbound cargo at the nearest sending-TSP avoids long, economical risky journeys to a centralized hubs. Therefore the impact of varying quantity on the efficiency is reduced. At the nearest TSP the goods of the connected depots are consolidated and eventual freight imbalance of single partners is compensated.

The consolidation of outgoing cargo of each TSP’s connected depot enables perfect capacity utilization for the daily line hauls between the different TSP.

At the receiving-TSP the overnight shuttles arrive early in the morning. The connected depots, responsible for each ZIP-code area, pick up the goods at the receiving-TSP and organize the delivery for the same day. The direct interlinking of TSP prevents detours and empty runs and optimizes routes of your groupage. A network of direct traffic is established, which combines a reduction of both, carbon footprint and production costs, for the groupage business of small and medium sized transport companies.


Practiced flexibility

Another advantage of the TSP-system is the high level of flexibility, which is attained by de-centrality. Although every depot is allocated to a home-TSP, where outbound cargo is fed in, the TSP-model offers the possibility to combine your own direct traffics with your groupage. Feeding-in at the receiving-TSP is possible at all TSP within the network. That way you can react appropriate to actions, without overstraining the network line hauls. You can also use part load lines for groupage deliveries to the receiving-TSP for regional distribution.