The performance of a network is measured by its reliability. All ILN employee and depots are passionate providing the best quality, making your customers not just happy but thrilled.

Clearly structured system processes are essential for a successful cooperation of more than 200 medium-sized forwarders. The processes within the network are defined with a constant focus on fulfilling customer needs and wishes.

The internal ILN Quality Management sets the highest priority to the customer’s interest. The compliance of the network rules is the key element of the successful Quality Management of ILN. Proactive checks prevent possible difficulties at an early stage. Therefore the QM Team is active day and night: For you and your customers.


Prevention is better than cure: Our QM-Team

The requirements for the depots and TSP rise with every additional line haul and every new partner. Our QM-Team is not only intervening when the problem is present, but checking the processes proactively, training employee and working on improvements. Besides the statistical analysis of quality-related figures (Key Performance Indicator, KPI), the team functions as a Task Force monitoring the network structures and managing the challenges within every depot and TSP, in cooperation with the responsible experts on site.

Tasks of our Quality Management:


It’s never too late to learn: Trainings as an essential element of efficient QS

The trainings for our network partners enable a transfer of know-how and an exchange of information within ILN. Therefore following trainings are provided on a regular basis:


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