Besides our portfolio of Standard-, Premium- and Value-Added-Services, the ILN network also runs additional services for each partner. Apart from the organization of TSP-shuttle traffics, the network-wide financial clearing service is an important instrument. All ILN-shipments are cleared regularly within a certain time frame, which significantly simplifies the administrative effort of our partners and offers them a high reliability of payment flow. A monthly pallet clearing is also part of this process.

The network-wide clearing service is made possible by our unified network software, every partner is equipped with. Standardized Labels and a clever status system are part of the provided IT infrastructure, which allows every partner a real-time tracking. In addition to the transparent shipment tracking, achieved by scanning and checking at each interface during the transport, the Online-POD retrieval is also part of the ILN standard.

Monitoring the smooth processes of these interface controls is just one of the tasks executed by our own, network-wide Quality Management.